Watch a Lightning Talk!

Lightning talks, given by conference registrants, highlight emerging solutions that can be applied to sustainable food systems in extreme environments and/or ongoing efforts by researchers, industry, foundations, and government agencies in this area.

We hope all participants will take some time during the conference to peruse the gallery of talks and watch a few (or more!). Thank you to the 76 people who submitted these creative, informative, and inspiring lightning talks!

A gallery of the talks is watchable below, or you can also find and watch all the videos directly on our YouTube channel.

Please note that these talks have not been screened or edited by the organizers. Conference organizers, sponsors, and partners do not endorse nor take responsibility for the contents of the videos.

Thematic Groupings:

Water management         Food security and food deserts         Sustainable energy production        Workforce development and education         Data modeling and forecasting         Other topics


Water Management


Food Security and Food Deserts


Sustainable Energy Production


Workforce Development and Education


Data Modeling and Forecasting


Other Topics